Sykes Sutlery


We do have a variety of muskets available for sale.
For a number of reasons, for more information on our available muskets and pistols we ask that you please contact us if you are interested in our offerings.



While I am unable to ship slow match out of the US, please note that other musketry supplies can, but it depends on the regulations governing your specific country.

Slow match

Match001 – This is the good, standard, white cotton cord, 1/4″ diameter. Good for all common uses. $3.50/yard

Match002 – Now available!!! Hemp match is back in stock. $7.00/yard

As per UN shipping regulations, I am unable to ship slowmatch out of the US. Other than match, all of the other supplies can be shipped just about anywhere.

Match002 on top, Match001 on bottom

Bottles & Flasks

 Bottle001 Bottle002 Flask002 Flask003 Flask004
Bottle001 – This style of bottle was with the English Civil War display and is correct to that period. Wood powder bottles, turned from poplar, based on a design from the Tower of London Museum.$90.00/dozen(these bottles are not sold individually)
Bottle002 – This style of bottle was with the Elizabethan display and is correct to that period and later. Wood powder bottles, turned from poplar, based on a design from the City of London Museum.$78.00/dozen(these bottles arel not be sold individually)
Flask002 – Oil bottle.  These are wood, oval in shape and 1-1/2″ in diameter. $15.00
Flask003 – Large Wooden Priming bottle, construction as per charging bottles. $25.00
Flask004 – Large Wooden Priming bottle with pouring spout.  $40.00


 Finished bandolier includes bandolier strap, 12 strung powder bottles, and ball bag (as shown above).   All bandoliers are made to order and suggest that you provide a strap measurement at the time of the order.   If you choose to purchase the large priming flask and/or oil bottle with the bandolier, they will be attached to the bandolier before shipment.
Bandolier with Bottle001 $142.00 Bandolier with Bottle002 $130.00

Musket Rest

These are handmade and split from a single bar. There may be slight variations based on the mood of the blacksmith.$55.00 (without the pole)   $65.00 (with the pole) (Extra shipping charges will applie because the parcel is oversized).