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Miscellaneous Books

Book001 – Handgonnes in the Middle Ages: A Short History and Manual by George R. Paczolt – $6.00 – With The Compleat Musketeer not available, I offer the above title as a replacement. Written for the SCA as a Compleat Anachronist pamphlet, this contains all firearms information that was in The Compleat Musketeer, plus quite a bit more on pre- matchlock weapons, but does not have the section on making the uniform coat and breeches. For $2.00 less than The Compleat Musketeer, it contains quite a bit more information.

Land As God Made It
Jamestown and Birth of a Nation
By James Horn
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Stage Combat
“The Action to the Word”
By William Hobbs
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The Book of the Sword
By Richard F. Burton
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Jamestown Narratives
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The English CivilWar 1612-1651
An Illustrated Military History
By Phillip Haythornthwaite
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The History of Fencing
Foundatios of Modern European Swordplay
William M. Gaugler
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