Sykes Sutlery

Miscellaneous Books
 Stuart142 Life in Tudor and Stuart England: Stuart Peachey – Designed for Grades 2 and 3 this concentrates on the rural life of the bulk of the population and the contrast with the towns. 16p $4.00
 Stuart174 The Money Monger. Bootleg Press. A facsimile of the Usurers Guide to interest rate tables. 1626. 24p. $5.00
 Stuart136 The Gods Have Spots. David Appleby. The rather dubious personal lives and business practices of famous period painters. 32p. $6.00
 Stuart170 The King and the Poor Northern Man. Bootleg Press. A facsimilie 1633 Chapbook with transcription. $5.00
 Stuart130 Fairs in England 1580-1680: Alison Roddham The nature of fairs and a list of fairs in 1587. 32p $6.00
 Stuart164 The Book of Names 1558 to 1660. Elizabethan and early Stuart Christian Names and Cow, Sheep and Horse names. Robert Morris 16p $4.00
 Stuart252 Public Transport in England and Wales 1580–1642 Robert Morris . 40p. $7.00
 Stuart150 Needlework A facsimile of a period needlework pattern book. Bootleg Press 20p. $4.00
 Stuart176 The Shaking of the Sheets: Death 1350-1660. The attitudes, artefacts and rituals associated with death. Jane Huggett. 36p $6.00
 Stuart996 The Grayhill Living History Scenarios: 1599 & 1643 Robert Morris 16p $4.00
 Stuart000 The History of Backwell Hill Wood 1800-2007 Stuart Peachey 16p $4.00
 Stuart104 20 Years of Living History in Britain 1977-1997 Accounts from many of the key organisers involved of the development of living history in Britain over its first 20 years. Edited Stuart Peachey 28p $5.00
 Stuart990 The Building of the Green Valley. Stuart Peachey. (Book) The story of the 20 year reconstruction of an early modern historical agricultural landscape [The site for the BBC2’s 12 part series Tales from the Green Valley] Heritage Marketing and Publications. $35.00