Sykes Sutlery

Food and Cookery


Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

New Cookery Series Book Listing

Currently, all books in this series are $16 each
I’ve listed all the books and information that is available to me.
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 Vols Part 1: Equipment
 2 The Culinary Stage: Buildings, Furniture, Fuel and Personnel
  Cookery Equipment
 3 Culinary Materials
 4Cast Cooking Vessels: Pots, Chafers and Posnets
 5 Skillets, Kettles, and Pipkins
 6 Pans, Cauldrons, Furnaces, Leads and Coppers
 7Roasting, Grilling and Broiling Systems
 8Fireplace Equipment and Chafing Dishes
9Grinding and Separating Equipment
10Miscellaneous Equipment and Kitchen Consumables
11Storage, Transport and Water Supply
 Dining Equipment
 12Table Linens and Trenchers
13Knives and Spoons
 15Dining Room Equipment
16Jugs and Bottles
17Drinking Vessels
 Specialist Equipment and Ingredients
 18Brewing and Malting Equipment and Ingredients
19Dairy Equipment and Products
20Bread Making Equipment and Ingredients
 21Butchery Equipment and Beef
 Part 2: Ingredients
21Butchery Equipment and Beef
 22Medium Sized Animals
23Game [including freshwater fish] and Animal Fats
24Maritime Fish
25Birds and Eggs
  Fruits and Vegetables
 26 Vegetables 1: Grains and Pulses
27Vegetables 2: Herbs, Sauces and Imports
28Vegetables 3: Leaf Vegetabls and Melons
29Vegetables 4: Roots, Flowers and Other Vegetables
30Fruit 1: Apples and Pears
31Fruit 2: Stoned Fruit: Cherries, Plums etc
32Fruit 3: Other Top Fruit, Soft Fruit and Nuts
33Dried Fruit and Seeds
35Sweeteners, Colourings and Scents
36Condiments, Chemicals and Caffeines
37Beer, Ale, Cider, Perry and Fruit Wines
38Honey Based Drinks: Mead, Metheglin and Bragget
39Wines and Spirits
  40 Dining with Commoner People
  41 Dining in the Great Houses
  42 Institutuional Dining
  43 Eating Out
  44 Feasts, Festivals and Banquets
  46 The Supply Chain