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Tudor and Medieval Warfare [1000 A.D. - 1600 A.D.]

   Stuart446  Medieval and Renaisances Knife Fighting 1400-1600. Mike Ray 44p. $7.00
   Stuart468  Tudor Swords and Swordsmanship Jonathan Davies 36p - Basic fencing manual. $6.00
   Stuart462  The Medieval European Sword Adrian Waite 20p $4.00
   Stuart448  Medieval Polearms Adrian Waite $4.00
   Stuart456  Devils Engine. Crossbows 1066 - 1400 Gary Ball - Very basic, good book for beginners. 36p $6.00
   Stuart424  Reenactors Guide To Archery 1066 to 1595 Jonathan Davies 60p $9.00
   Stuart444  Guns & Gunpowder 1267-1603: Jonathan Davies - 60p $9.00
   Stuart442  Gunpowder Artillary 1267-1603: Jonathan Davies - 60p $9.00
   Stuart454  Siege Machines: building and operating model medieval. Jonathan Davies - 40p $7.00
   Stuart450  Medieval Siege Weapons: brief history in the west. Jonathan Davies - 29p. $5.00


Organisation and Tactics

   Stuart426  Armies and Warfare of the Wars of the Roses: John Sadler 20p $4.00
   Stuart466  Tudor Art of War 1485-1603 Jonathan Davies 60p $9.00
   Stuart754  The Bluecoats. Clothing the Elizabethan Soldier 1572-1603. David Evans. 32p $6.00


Battles and Campaigns

   Stuart464  The Battle of Shrewsbury 1403 Jonathan Davies $6.00
   Stuart470  War in the North. The Wars of the Roses in the N.E. England 1461-1464 John Sadler 48p $8.00
   Stuart466  The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471. Jonathan Davies 32p $6.00
   Stuart468  The Battle of Bosworth 1485. Jonathan Davies 48p 8.00

English Civil Wars [1639-1660]

   Stuart464  The Soldier's Life in the English Civil War - Organisation, Food, Clothing, Weapons and Combat - Stuart Peachey - This book forms essential reading for anyone trying to reconstruct, interpret or understand the life of the common English soldier of the period. - Soft Cover Book - 208 pages


Military Practice

   Stuart460  The Mechanics of Infantry Combat. A study of what actually happened in battles drawn from period battle accounts - and the reality was often quite a bit different from what was originally Stuart Peachey - $5.00
   Stuart452  Military Encampments of the English Civil Wars A brief but excellent description of the billeting of troops on the march, drawing heavily from period A.J. Rowland- $5.00
   Stuart746  Common Soldiers Clothing of the Civil Wars 1639-1646: Volume 1: Infantry Research on clothing supplied to the armies and the civilian clothing worn where clothing was not issued. Includes patterns and fabric and color details. This book has turned into THE period source for doing re-enactment quality clothing. by Stuart Peachey and Alan Turton - $9.00
   Stuart428  Armies of the First English Civil War: An illustrated beginners guide to the troops of the 1642-1646 period in England Alan Turton and Stuart Peachey. 16p $4.00
   Stuart434  Drumming in the English Civil War: Second Edition Michael Pfiel - 24p $6.00
   Stuart420  17th Century Foot Drill: John Litchfield.Part 1: 32p $6.00
   Stuart422  17th Century Foot Drill: John Litchfield. - Part 2: 52p $8.00


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