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English Medicine

   Stuart801  The Apothecaries Shop Opened: Hugh Petrie 20p $4.00
   Stuart802  The Still Room Opened: Hugh Petrie. Part 2 of the Apothecaries Shop. This volue covers distillation. 16p $4.00
   Stuart803  The Physician's Books Opened: Hugh Petrie. The background and practices of physicians of the period. 28p $5.00
   Stuart804  The Surgons Box Opened: Hugh Petrie. The background and practies of Surgeons. 28p $5.00
   Stuart805  Military Surgery1300-1600: Davies and Harbinson. Includes illustrations of equipment and techniques. 28p $5.00
   Stuart806  Medicine 600AD to 1500AD: Hugh Petrie. From Leach law and magic to Classical humor therapy and Christian medical beliefs. 32p $6.00
   Stuart807  The French Pox: Hugh Petrie. Concepts and cures for Syphilis and Gonerea in the 16th and 17th Century. 16p $4.00
   Stuart394  The Mirror of Health 1450-1660 - Food, diet and medical theory. Jane Huggett. $9.00
    Stuart400  The Widow's Treasury 1639 - A transcription of a public receipt book, mainly medicinal with some culinary and vetinary material $9.00


The Complete Receipt Book of Ladie Elynor Fetiplace:

Late Tudor/early Stuart. Volume set transcription of the whole original text. About 90% of the work is household remedies from a

country gentlewoman the remainder mainly culinary. Each book is $8.00

   Stuart380 - Volume 1
   Stuart382 - Volume 2
   Stuart384 - Volume 3


English Social Practice


 17th Century Wedding Customs. Denise Taylor. All issues involving weddings and their customs in both the 16th &17th Centurys. 40p $7.00

 Did They Wash in Those Days? Jane Huggett - Personal Hygine, cleanliness and washing in the 14th to 17th centuries. 16p $4.00

 17th Century Sex by Mac Sween and Jones - A guide to period sexual practice, with re-enactment research. Quite humorous, yet extremely serious in it's treatment of the subject content. $4.00

 Advanced 17th Century Sex: An illustrated guide based on Italian/Dutch woodcuts. 16p - $4.00

 Lust 1450-1660: Jane Huggett. How to provoke it, restrain it and deal with the consequences. 16p - $4.00

 The Language of Lust: Jane Huggett. Sexual terminology and common phrases from the period. This one is hard to keep in stock. 24p - $5.00

 Bastardie: The consequences of fathering a bastard for the parents and the child's upbringing with samples of the documentation involved. Stuart Peachey 16p $4.00


 The Book of Children. Children and Childrearing 1480-1680 Part 1. Birth to age 7. Children and Childrearing Jane Huggett -32p $6.00


 The Book of Children. Part 2 age 7-14. Children and Childrearing Jane Huggett -36p $6.00

 The Shaking of the Sheets: Death 1350-1660. The attitudes, artefacts and rituals associated with death. Jane Huggett. 36p $6.00


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