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Stuart156 - Singlewomen 1580-1660: Stuart Peachy - The lives of Spinsters, Singlewomen, Maidservants and Maidens [excludes widows]. 16p $4

Stuart210 - Blacksmiths 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 20p $4.00

Stuart212 - Carpenters 1580-1660 Includes a wheelwright. Stuart Peachey 28p $5.00

Stuart110 - Bakers 1580-1660: Stuart Peachey. 32p $6.00

Stuart172 - The Labourer 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey. The lifestyle of the agricultural labourer 33p. $6.00

Stuart258 - The Husbandman 1580-1660 The lifestyle of the small farmer. Stuart Peachey.36p. $6.00

Stuart264 - Women on the Farm 1580-1660: Good book. The role and activities of women on the farm. Robert Morris.40p $7.00

Crafts and Occupations

Stuart752 - The Art of the Dyer1500-1700 Draws on a wide variety of European sources to explain the techniques for producing coloured cloth. David Hopkins. 60p $9.00

Stuart216 -Charcoal Burning in the 17th Century: Dr. Malcomb Stratford. A practical buide covering period sources and instructions on how to go about charcoal buring today in the traditional manner. 36p. $6.00

Stuart122 - Cutpurses, Highwaymen, Burglers. The professional thief 1558-1660. Dr. Gillian Spraggs 28p $5.00

Stuart392 - The Medieval and Renaissance Spice Trade 1100-1560. Menus from period cookbooks. Jonathan Davies. 28p. $5.00

Stuart222 - English Commercial Chemicals 1580-1660. Jonathan Davies 28p $5.00

Stuart244 - Maritime Fish and Fishing 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 84p $12.00

Stuart246 - Medieval Sheep, and the Wool Trade. Sheep, Wool and the Wool trade in the Middle Ages Jonathan Davies. $5.00


Stuart182 - Writing the Past A guide to methods, materials and hands 1300-1660 Jonathan Davies.$6.00

Stuart154 - Early 17th Century Sample Letters and Forms. Robert Morris 24p $5.00

Stuart116 - A Short History of Codes and Cyphers. Jonathan Davies. 12p. $3.00


Stuart152 - Pocket Sundials in the 17th Century. Roger Emmerson 28 p. $5.00

Stuart228 - Domestic Pewter of 17th Century England. Aidan Campbell 53p. $8.00

Stuart114 - Beds and Bedding 1580-1660. Robert Morris. The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. 28p. $5.00

Stuart158 - Soft Furnishings and Table Linen of the Common People 1580-1660: Robert Morris - The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. 32p $6.00

Stuart138 - Jewellery 1350-1660. Jonathan Davies 36p $6.00

Stuart260 - The Uses of Wood 1580–1660. Lists the English uses of the various species. Robert Morris. $7.00

Stuart222 - English Commercial Chemicals 1580-1660. Jonathan Davies 28p $5.00

Stuart112 - English Baskets 1545–1660: Gilly Vanderkamp. 40p $7.00


Stuart140 - Justice of the Peace 1534. Facsimile of a book on everyday law originally for Justices of the Peace but useful for the observers of the law as well as the enforcers. 40p. $7.00

Stuart120 - Courts Leet and Baron: Bootleg Press. A facsimile of a 1650 guide to running minor local law hearings. Ideal for Living History scenarios. 31p. $6.00

Stuart178 - Tudor Women's Legal Rights. Women, Marriag eand the Law. Aimee Flower.44p. $7.00


Stuart180 - Witchcraft in Seventeenth Century England: Dr. John Swain - 20p $4.00

Stuart128 - Encounters With Angels. Life of John Pordage a radical devine 1607-1681. Sarah Griffin.24p.$5.00


Stuart296 -O For a Muse of Foyre:. Cassette Tape. A guide to early 17th century pronunciation, with examples. Rick Scollins - $5.00

Data Books

Stuart102 -17th Century Prices and Wages 1630-1650: R. and J. Huggett and S. Peachey. Common military and civilian wages and prices in war and peace. 32p - $6.00

Stuart144 - Measure and Dates 1580 - 1660: Stuart Peachy - A quick guide with modern equivalents for reenactors. Includes a full calendar for the period. 36p $6.00


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