Elizabethan Patterns

Please note, there is a price increase on all of the Margo's Patterns as they have been revised by the publisher.



It should be noted that this pattern is divided into three parts. If you wish to produce the entire garment (from underpinnings to accessories) please order all three parts. Otherwise order only those parts that are needed.


The Elizabethan Lady's Underpinnings

High necked smock, low necked smock, partlet, corset with three waist variations, farthingale, and bum roll

Pattern GG1 - $32.00 (one left)



Elizabethan Comfort Pattern $29.00 (one left)

The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe Pattern $38.00 (one left)

The Elizabethan Lady's Accessories

This package includes: Tall Hat, Soft Cap, Attifet, Caul, Biggin cap, French Hood, Round hat. Neck and wrist ruffs, Supportasse (support for standing ruff), Round Pouch, Sweet Bag, Needlebook (with optional wallet insert)

Pattern GG3 - $22.00 (one left)



Unlike the women's pattern, this pattern comes complete as one package. If you order this one, all of the parts shown below are included.

Pattern GG4 - $48.00


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Doublet Tabs & Wings






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